Summer Program

The summer months are one of the most memorable times in a child’s life. For most working families this can be difficult child rearing time. At the Boys & Girls Clubs we have structured our summer program for the working family. W are open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Children are provided two healthy meals each day. Every day is a new exciting opportunity for a child to experience a variety of educational and fun activities. Each activity is based on a theme of the week which has included Environmental Appreciation and Awareness, Animal Appreciation and Awareness, Law Enforcement Awareness, Health Awareness, Public Safety, City of Edinburg Pride, Career Exploration, Sports & Fitness, and Technology. Guest speakers are brought in weekly. During the summer program in 2005 more than 100 presentations were held. Field trips are also integrated into the program. This allows club members to visit several parks and museums in our area. Other sites include movies, art shows, fishing and the zoo.

Folk Life Fridays

Club members get to sample the globe in food, dance and cultural activities at the weekly Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV Folk Life Friday Festival. It is a celebration of diversity. The Folk life Friday Festival takes the fun route to learning the heritage and many customs that form the rich fabric of American life. Through games, folklore, fables, recipes and more, these celebrations seek to put Boys & Girls Club members in touch with their roots and to enhance their appreciation of the multi-cultural society that has made our nation the hope of the world. This event is the 2005 recipient of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Southwest Regional Honor Award.

Day for Kids

On the third Saturday of September, communities and families come together to honor their children under a single premise: adults who spend meaningful time with kids fulfill one of the most basic needs in a child’s healthy development. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV hosts a Day for Kids event on the third Saturday each September. Each child in attendance has an opportunity to win door prizes such as bicycles and DVD players.

Fall Festival

This annual event, which is a community service and fund raising event includes a kiddie carnival, music, food and costume contest. Each year over 500 youth and their families enjoy Halloween in a safe and secure environment. Companies get involved by setting up booths at the Halloween Carnival. Trick or Treat Street offers safe and tamper free candies, fruits and other snacks to the youth and their families.

Celebration of the Family

This annual event is hosted the Monday before Thanksgiving. This event is hosted to give thanks to the club members, and the families of the community for their participation in our year round program. Each year over 300 club members and their families enjoy a nice home cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, which they may not otherwise enjoy.

Christmas in the Park

This annual event held the Saturday before Christmas ensures that over 300 disadvantaged club members receive a toy for Christmas from the Man himself, Santa Claus. Over 20 bicycles are raffled off courtesy of the Edinburg Rotary Club. Other partners include Toys for Tots, Toys “R” Us and Boys & Girls Clubs of America “A Time For Smiles” holiday toy drivers.