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Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV DIY STEM program curriculum was chosen for the San Carlos Elementary School Ace ECISD program. The Life Cycle of a Star was a fun project for the students that provided a visual representation for children to understand the stages of how a star dies throughout time. Students were working in groups of 3-4 to create a balloon wrap with foil. For many students this was a challenge because they tried to cover all of the balloon with the foil but were not successful at the beginning. This project challenged students with understanding the functions of a star as well as their patience and concentration while working in teams. Many of the students wanted to take control of the whole project but could not finish the project. It was explained that it was not the best approach to finish the task because working in a team is essential to completing projects. Real life examples were giving such as how a restaurant needs employees in different positions in order to operate effectively. Ultimately students struggled to complete the project but gained valuable lessons everyday while learning about stars and black holes.

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